Why come to counselling?


This is a very uncertain time, causing a lot of confusion, doubt and fear for many people. Counselling offers a safe, non- judgemental and confidential space to explore your inner thoughts and feelings and help you develop new ways of dealing with problems. Counselling can also help improve the quality of your relationships, build your inner strength and resilience and enhance your well-being. 


Many people are concerned about taking the first step; they think they should be strong enough to deal with anything on their own (beware the “shoulds”, often an internalised parent!). Friends and family can be a fantastic support but sometimes they can’t see issues impartially or they may actually be part of the problem. Choosing to come to counselling is a sign of strength, not weakness. We all need help sometimes, the strength is recognising when you need it.

There are a lot of counsellors with various training, qualifications and experience. These  are important and you may have a preference, but ultimately the quality of the relationship with the counsellor is the most important. Do you feel they are trustworthy; do they show care, empathy and respect? Do they challenge when required, to help you reflect and move on?

My aim is to work with you, to find out what works best for you and how best to help you,  I work creatively and flexibly to meet your needs, offering both long and short term counselling as well as telephone and online counselling.  I review progress with you every few sessions including what you feel has worked and what hasn't.

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